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Venison Joe's

High Quality, Single Ingredient Gourmet Pet Chews

Optimize your Pet’s Chewing experience with Venison Joe’s  wide range of treats and chews that your pup will surely enjoy, from Bully Sticks to Liver there’s something for any chewing need. Our chews are made using several different methods including hardwood smoked, dehydration, and freeze-dried.

All treats and chews are made from 100 percent USA-sourced livestock, hand washed and trimmed for a natural and tasty treat. 


Knowing what your pup eats is just as important as knowing what you eat.

Our chews are made with 100% natural, USA-sourced meat bone for the chew-tastic flavor dogs love.

We have strict handling procedures on all of our dog treats and chews. We make sure to inspect our product before and after it is smoked to guarantee the finest quality and healthiest product for your dog. We hand trim all of our deer, elk and bison bones and discard any bones that we consider to be unfit for your dog.

All our chews are gluten and grain free, which makes them perfect for pets with allergies.

We're very proud of the care that we take to provide your dog with the best natural smoked bones.

Health Benefits

Long lasting and delicious, it’s sure to keep your pooch busy gnawing for a while, and it also helps clean teeth by working to scrape away tartar as  your pet chews.

Tartar-scraping action helps clean teeth while chewing to support dental health. Our chew-tastic treats provides relief from boredom and stress, and helps redirect destructive chewing behaviors.

Made in America

We’re proud that all of our venison and bison products are sourced and produced right here in the USA. Nothing is ever imported from other countries so you can be sure that your chews will be fresh when they arrive.

All of our dog bones are slow smoked at a low temperature with real hickory wood. Our smoking process will not weaken the bone and therefore help the bone to avoid splintering that is caused when bones are cooked or boiled.

No Flavorings Or Artificial Ingredients

100% Natural USA Sourced Protein

We Follow Rigorous Safety Guidelines

Provides Relief from Boredom and Stress

Don’t let your four-legged friend miss out on the delicious taste of Bully Sticks especially for those that love to chew. Our Bully Sticks are odorless, hand trimmed, and hand washed for a quality, tasty chew. 

We are all committed to giving your dogs the highest quality natural foods available and the best quality all natural dog snacks and treats.