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Next-GEN Collagen Chews

Optimize your pets chewing experience with one of our 6 delicious and easily digestible collagen chews (chicken, salmon, bacon, beef, bison & peanut butter) available in Multiple formats (sticks, braids, donut and braided donut).

Made in the USA.


Collagen, which is made from the inner layer of bovine skin as opposed to rawhide which is made from the outer layer, has been gaining attention lately as an ingredient in health and beauty products for humans. People apply collagen face creams to their skin, or take collagen supplements for hair, nail, and skin health. Now the substance is gaining sales momentum in the dog chews space. 

Innovative & Different

We invested in machinery to form collagen braids, rolls, and other shapes, and cover the chew in a protein coating. Opti-Chew is beef based collagen, and the enrobing is all protein, such as chicken. 

The machinery takes frozen blocks of whole muscle meat, turns it into a batter that can be shaped, enrobes it with protein such as chicken or salmon. Then the chew is dehydrated with forced hot air. 

We invested in the machinery in order to transform that protein into a new form without having additives


2 Simple Ingredients

100% Protein Dipped


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