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Most Asked Questions

What are the best practices for preservative- free treats?

Preservative-Free treats are an amazing option for your fur child!

Even though these treats are air dried, freeze dried, or smoked (or a combination) temperature changes will increase water activity.

Be mindful of storing treats in high heat, direct sun, or leaving a bag open or ripped. Also if it’s a resealable bag, make sure you are grabbing treats with a clean, dried hand. If these situations occur, mold may occur. It’s not harmful, it’s just not the experience you were looking for. You can store treats in the refrigerator or a cool dry cabinet. 

What are the best practices with treating?

Be sure to supervise your pet when you provide them a treat, especially if it’s a new to them treat. It’s always a good bonding experience to see how they enjoy or how fast they enjoy a treat. It’s always good practice to have clean water available to your pet whenever they are eating or snacking on something.

How do you size an antler for your dog?

One size doesn’t fit all! If you envision your dog’s open jaw as a triangle, you don’t want an antler to get all the way into the smaller end, that’s the power zone. The antler has to be big enough to stay closer to the front half of your pup’s mouth.

How many times can I treat/reward my dog?

That is up to the dog, the dog’s individual health needs and the activity level of the dog. 

Just note that treats are not a complete diet. Your dog does need a food with balanced nutrients in addition to awesome treats to live a healthy life!

If I have questions about my treat what do I do?

Email or call us! We are here. Pictures help if you have something that you are curious about. We love to talk to our customers. It’s our pleasure to get you and your pup the info and care you need!

Antlers or body parts? How do I choose? How are they different?

Antlers and chews are vital for two basic reasons. The provide fun for a pet by elevating boredom and providing positive chewing experiences. They also are functional because they can support pet dental health and in some cases general health.

Antlers fall in a semi-durable category as they are longer lasting, a cleaner alternative to other body part chews, and they are a great choice for pet’s with dietary restrictions. They are low in fat, high in calcium and manganese, and are completely digestible.

Chews, specifically body part chews, are consumables, often providing a one-time experience for the pet. They are great for supplemental feeding or training/good behavior reinforcement. They allow a pet parent to connect with their pet and show them appreciation and love. 


How do you maintain ingredient integrity with Chasing Our Tails products?

All of our protein at Chasing Our Tails (COT) is derived from USDA inspected production lines. We utilize the offal, from food that is produced for human consumption, in our pet treats. We do not use byproducts or non-offal products labeled inedible like most of our competitors use every day. We own USDA facilities that produce ingredients that end up in human food consumption. You cannot have a USDA facility and not produce food for the human food system.  We take pride in the quality USDA inspected proteins that are utilized in our finished products. 


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