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Terrific Trainers

Low calorie but big in taste!

Whether you’re looking for training dog treats or something to satisfy your dog’s hunger between meals, Terrific Trainers is the perfect solution for your pup!  These treats are made with a single protein source as the first ingredient followed by other natural ingredients that make these treats both delicious and wholesome.  Terrific Trainers also work great as low calorie dog treats for pet owners trying to manage their pup’s weight.  Each treat features delicious meat flavors like beef, salmon, venison, bacon and more!


High quality meat, molasses, peas, potatoes, eggs, vegetable glycerin, flaxseed, brown rice, barley flour, tapioca flour, sweet potato, lactic acid, salt, coconut oil, phosphoric acid, salmon oil, natural smoke flavor, calcium lactate, zinc propionate, calcium propionate, mixed tocopherols (a preservative)

These treats are great for pets with allergies and food sensitivities, thanks to limited-ingredient recipes that never use fillers or by-products. 


Make training time or treat time healthy and fun with Terrific Trainers Dog Treats!

Positive reinforcement combined with wholesome ingredients from Terrific Trainers will make training your dog faster, easier, and more enjoyable for both of you. Made in the USA with quality ingredients, these can also be used as an anytime treat that you can feel good about giving to them!

Single Source Protein

Under 4 Calories per Treat

Great Variety of Flavors

Sourced and Made in the USA

Make training time, or treat time, healthy and fun with Chasing Our Tails Terrific Trainers Dog Treats!