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Chasing our Tails

This is the Farm to Bowl Revolution

Our line is single ingredient and preservative-free; your pets deserve the best. We NEVER use fillers, meat meals, animal by-products, or anything artificial in our treats. We manufacture all of our items in our own facility and then package them on-site to ensure peak freshness. All of our treats are single ingredient US sourced and US made products. Gluten and grain free, our treats and chews are great for pets with allergies.


Smoked Bones

Barbecue has gone to the dogs! What dog can resist the tempting taste of smoked marrow bones or pig ears? We hardwood smoke our products to 145 degrees. Our proven process kills bacteria but does not compromise the integrity of the bone (no splintering or cracking!) or causing the marrow to melt out. Using the ancient French technique of charcuterie, we prepare these treats without cooking or the use of formaldehyde, mold inhibitors or preservatives.  Our smoked bones and parts are US sourced and US made. Our product assortment caters to canines of all sizes.

Dehydrated Treats

Our treats are formulated to appeal to dogs of all ages. They are exceptional for everything from puppy training to senior dogs with dental issues. The treats are 100% organ or striated muscle that is carefully hand-trimmed of extra fat. They are expertly dehydrated to retain natural color, smell, and taste that dogs love.  Our sweet potato treats are sourced fresh from US farms. As always, our products contain ZERO fillers, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. All of our treats are packaged in heat-sealed, high barrier pouches to maintain freshness and product integrity.

Freeze Dried Treats

Antler Chews

Elk, Deer, and Moose- oh my! We use 100% naturally shed antler from the US to create an odorless, long lasting, low fat chew for your dog. They are high in calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, phosphorous, and manganese. Since they are all natural, they don't leave any greasy mess on your floors and furniture- a win-win for you and your pet! Our antler chews come in a variety of shapes and sizes to appeal to your pet.

Gluten and Grain Free

Single Ingredient Products

Sourced and Made in the USA

Great for Pets with Allergies

Our line has a variety of treats and chews to engage, occupy, and satisfy pets of all sizes. These are just a few of the products we carry to support your pet’s healthy lifestyle.