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K9 Candy Kitchen

From Farm to Floor

In 2016, co-founder Nicole cared for her friend’s dog, Willie, who developed cancer and was visibly in a lot of pain, so in turn Nicole began adding a little hemp extract to Willie’s food each day. Soon after, he showed signs of relief and renewed energy, even in the face of his terminal illness.

K9 Candy Kitchen was then born by sourcing the highest quality ingredients they could find, carefully selected for optimal holistic benefits and baked the chews at low temperatures to preserve the integrity of the nutrients and the hemp oil extract they contained. 

Farming Practices

Our passion for pet and planet starts with a seed. K9 Candy Kitchen is a truly Farm to Floor™ brand. Our products are made with certified organic, ethically sourced and regeneratively grown hemp. We partner with Ventura Seed Company who is committed to increasing organic research and farmer training opportunities in California. We continue to learn about growing in a true regenerative fashion to support the health of people and the planet, with the help of Rodale Institute and local farmers. 

From Farm-to-Floor

K9 Candy Kitchen (K9CK) thoroughly tests each product and publishes documentation regularly, staying transparent and keeping customers informed of dosages. All hemp oil is traceable back to the row of plants where it comes from. 

In addition to the human-grade, full-spectrum hemp oil, each recipe prioritizes organic and all-natural ingredients based on the original recipes first tested in Emily’s home kitchen. Every recipe uses minimal ingredients, carefully selected for optimal health benefits. K9CK products empower customers to put their furry companion’s health first. Every chew is made with love, from farm to floor.


The History of the Brand

Made with Organic Hemp

We are a True Family Business

We Give to Help our Planet

Variety of Chews & Tinctures

Our products use sustainably sourced ingredients, and artfully crafted full-spectrum hemp-infused chews that provide the optimal addition to your pet’s balanced lifestyle.