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COMING SOON: K9 Candy Kitchen

Chasing Our Tails acquires K9 Candy Kitchen

— Chasing Our Tails announced its acquisition of K9 Candy Kitchen, a manufacturer of Himalayan pet chews, on Nov. 9. The company has acquired K9 Candy Kitchen from the Trowe family. K9 Candy Kitchen offers various pet products, including Himalayan-style chews, formulated with sustainable and organic ingredients.

According to data by Packaged Facts shared by Chasing Our Tails, Himalayan dog chews is a significantly growing segment within the $10 billion US dog treat market. However, most of these chews are made in Nepal and imported into the United States. To cash in on this growing market, K9 Candy Kitchen developed a similar Nepalese-inspired chew, completely made in the United States.